Friday, 24 December 2010

December 24th – Picnic, Presents and Farewell

Well boys and girls the time has come. This is my last post and today was my last official visit to the family. I have been invited to join them for Christmas tomorrow too but that is as a friend rather than a visiting Christmas elf!

I thought it’d be lovely to finish my time with the girls with a picnic for them and their teddies, a special breakfast picnic with lots of yummy treats!

day 24 a

day 24 b

day 24 c  

day 24 e

It was very tasty and very messy!

I also had a few presents for the girls to say thank you for looking after me so well and for being so lovely to me. I brought them new pyjamas and new dressing gowns! The girls looked so beautiful in them!

day 24 f

day 24 g

day 24 i

day 24 j

day 24 k

day 24 l

day 24 m

It has been a pleasure spending time with this family and especially Faith and Ellie who are really special little girls. I will miss everyone very much when I go back to the North Pole but I shall visit again next year and we shall get up to lots of new adventures.

Take care everyone, hope you have a truly magical Christmas.

Love and Christmas Wishes



Thursday, 23 December 2010

December 23rd – Crackers and Center Parcs

Today I brought the girls a make your own cracker set.

day 23 day 23 a

We stayed at Da and Grandad’s last night and they had lots of other lovely things for us to do too!

day 23 v

I’ve also got some lovely photos of our holiday.

cp1We did some ‘roll it squidge it’

cp3AND we visited SANTA in his grotto! It was AMAZING! He gave the girls a present!


Ellie sat on a lego Santa!

cp5We also did some bowling!


Tomorrow is my last proper day as a visiting Elf. I have some rather special things planned for tomorrow and a few gifts for the girls too.

Love and Holidays



December 22nd – Snowball Fight

Today the girls woke up to find that I had had a snowball fight with their other teddies!

It was very funny!

day 22

day 22 c

I also made a snowman!

day 22 a

Love and Snowballs



December 21st - Chocolate

This was the busiest day of our holiday so I brought the girls something simple – yummy chocolate coins that came with finger puppets!

day 20 c

day 21 a

day 21 bday 21 cI tried on the finger puppets on my hands as my hands are very small!

day 21 d

Love and Coins



December 20th – Doodles

Hello! Well it has been a few days since I have posted. Things have been very busy here as the family and I went on HOLIDAY! We went to Center Parcs for a few days and had a lovely lovely time!

Pictures of our daily adventures are a bit sparse as we were so busy having lots of fun!

The morning we left I brought the girls some crayons and a lovely Christmas doodle book!

day 20

It is a really lovely colouring book and we had lots of fun colouring it in.

day 20 a

day 20 bday 20 eday 20 f

Mummy helped colour some bits in too!

Love and Doodles



Sunday, 19 December 2010

December 19th - Cotton-wool Christmas Crafts


Today we made cotton-wool Christmas creatures, it was so much fun. Cotton wool is so lovely and fluffy and soft and warm!

day 19 day 19 aday 19 bI had gotten a toilet roll tube ready and covered it in shiny foil so that we could make an angel. Mummy helped me cut out wings then Faith helped glue them on. Faith also covered the wings in glue.

day 19 dEllie liked the feel of the cotton wool between her fingers

day 19 eWe then put cotton wool onto the angels wings to make them white and fluffy!

day 19 fWhile Faith was decorating the angel Ellie was helping me made some sheep out of cotton wool balls using them for the sheep’s fluffy coat!    

day 19 g

Faith drew eyes and a nose and a mouth for the angel and then we put it all together.

day 19 jDaddy helped Ellie draw legs for the sheep and then that was done too!

day 19 mday 19 kIt was lots of fun using the cotton wool and it makes the angel and sheep look very cuddly.

Love and Cotton-wool




P.S Me and the family aren’t going to be able to use a computer again for a few days. I will still visit the children and I will take lots of photos too. When we can use the computer again I will write and tell you what we have done over the last few days. I hope to write again on either Wednesday or Thursday, look forward to seeing you then for a big catch-up!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

December 18th – Felt hearts and glitter glue

Me and Mummy worked on a project while the girls were in bed last night. We did some cutting and some sewing and we made pretty felt hearts to hang on the Christmas tree.

We used glittery and pretty printed felt to make them look extra Christmassey,

day 18The only problem was that they were missing that little extra special something. I knew we needed to get the girls to add something.

day 18 a  day 18 b

I love glitter glue. It is amazing! All sparkly and sticky and magical! I gave the girls some glitter glue so that they could decorate the hearts.

day 18 c day 18 d

day 18 f day 18 g

It was very exciting and a little 18 h 

Ellie of course was more intent on eating the glitter glue than actually drawing with it!

day 18 k 

I helped the girls write their initial on their heart. They look really really good. Much better than before. They are now drying.

day 18 lTomorrow brings a fluffy kind of craft…

Love and Glitter Glue



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