Friday, 17 December 2010

December 17th – At the Movies

Everyone loves sweeties and there is nothing better than sitting down to watch a good film with a bowl of popcorn and a bag of sweeties… so that is what I had planned for today.

day 17I brought the girls their favourite chocolates, a big bag of popcorn and a brand new dvd. It is called ‘The Night Before Christmas’.

day 17 a

day 17 b 

Mummy helped put the sweeties and popcorn into bowls and we sat down to watch.

day 17 c

I had my very own bowl of sweeties – although Faith and Ellie did help me eat them.

day 17 d 

The dvd was really really good. It was about a mean fairy who was trying to stop Santa from delivering presents and a kind and cute mouse who was trying to save the day. There were lots of lovely songs in it for us to dance to.

day 17 g

We made quite a bit of mess with the popcorn but it was fun.

day 17 h 

After we watched the dvd we went for a walk because… it has been SNOWING! I was so excited to see the snow this morning, it reminds me of home!

day 17 k

Love and Popcorn




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