Tuesday, 7 December 2010

December 7th – Christmas Cookies

This is what the family woke up to today…

day 7 a While they were asleep I popped out to the shops for some supplies for today’s adventure! I bought Christmas cookie cutters and all of the ingredients needed to make yummy sugar cookies!

We soon got stuck in:

day 7 b day 7 d

Faith really enjoyed mixing all of the ingredients, Ellie was more interested in the bowls! Both girls like tasting the mix and a good few cookies got eaten before they were cooked!

We cut out lots of Christmas shapes (and made a lot of mess)!

day 7 fday 7 e The cookies came out beautifully and are really really yummy!

day 7 gWe also cute out letters! A ‘F’ for Faith, an ‘E’ for Ellie and a ‘J’ for me! There are a few cookies left but not many as we keep eating them! Yum!

Love and Cookies




DA said...

The cookies were definitely YUMMY! :)

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