Sunday, 12 December 2010

December 12th – Let it snow

Where I’m from (the North Pole) it is very snowy and cold. The snow is so much fun and I wanted to bring some here to share with the girls but the other elves laughed at my idea and pointed out that it would melt.

I then realised that there was another way…

day 12


Magical snow powder!

This special powder grows to 100 times it’s normal size when you add it to water! It grows and grows into fluffy little flakes that look and feel like snow. The flakes aren’t cold like snow, but other than that they are very realistic.

day 12 b day 12 c

The girls were curious about the magical snow powder. They were so excited when they helped Mummy to make it…

day 12 e day 12 g

The snow grew and grew and grew..

day 12 h

Until we had a WHOLE BOWL full of pretty and soft snow to play with.

We stuck it together, we sprinkled it, we threw it about and had lots and lots and lots of fun.

day 12 k

I even got to sit in the bowl and play too. It reminded me of the snow at home, it was lovely.

Love and Snow




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