Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December 14th – Messy Play

I’m a big fan of messy play. I love nothing more than playing with yucky squidgy slimey things and generally making a mess. I thought that the girls might like to play with some cornflour.

day 14 a

I put lots of cornflour into a washing up bowl, you can see my footprints where I walked across it! I also sprinkled blue glitter into to to make it really pretty.

day 14 b  day 14 c

Cornflour is magical, when you add water to it it becomes gloopy and really strange. It feels hard and soft at the same time. It is really lovely! Mummy took the girls upstairs to play with the cornflour in the bath tub so that they could get completely stuck in.

day 14 d

Faith carefully added the water.

day 14 e

Ellie stirred it all up.

day 14 fI stayed out of the way because I didn’t want to get all soggy and wet!

day 14 gEllie seemed to like the taste of it.

day 14 k  

The girls even got into the bowl at one point! They were completely covered in the sticky mix and having lots and lots of fun!

day 14 l

The girls giggled all the time and really enjoyed themselves!

Tomorrow will be a tasty day… mmmm

Love and Cornflour




P.S Faith has taken to calling me Jingle Bells, I think it’s quite sweet!


Anonymous said...

That looks so wonderful and messy. They seem to have had lots of fun!

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