Wednesday, 15 December 2010

December 15th - Cakes

My treat for today was more baking! I brought the girls some yummy cake ingredients and two pretty Christmas moulds. I also brought them a Mr.Men cake kit because it was cute!

day 15

day 15 a day 15 b

We started mixing all of the cake ingredients together, although the girls ate half the mix!

day 15 c

day 15 d

It was very sticky and messy but very tasty too!

day 15 e

Faith helped with the washing up while the cakes were cooking.

day 15 f

They looked really yummy when they came out.

day 15 g day 15 h

Then we iced them all pretty colours with sprinkles and shiny balls and Mr.Men shapes! And then of course we at some!

day 15 iday 15 jday 15 kday 15 l     day 15 m


day 15 n Mmmmmm delicious!

Love and Cakes




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