Monday, 6 December 2010

December 6th – The Key

Hello followers!

I told you yesterday that today’s project was an important one – a very important one. Let me explain! As we all know traditionally Santa travels down the chimney to deliver presents and usually I use this day of advent to arrange a chimney sweep to make Santa’s entrance an easy one. I then realised that my family DON’T HAVE A CHIMNEY! I panicked and called Santa who reassured me that there was another way! Santa told me that he could use a key to get into the house, but not just any key, in order for it to work it needed to be made with love and care by the family who live in the house the key is intended for. And so I had my idea…

day 6The girls came downstairs to find me with a bowl of water, a bowl of flour, a bowl of salt and a spoon. Both girls are familiar with salt dough and love ‘roll it, squidge it’ (as Faith fondly calls it) and so they knew what the bowls were for. With a bit of help from Mummy they set to work making the dough and then making the magic key!

day 6 aday 6 bLots of fun was had with this, even if Ellie did eat more than she modelled with! After a little help from Mummy the final product was complete, we baked it in the oven all day until it was completely set!

day 6 c

It will need painting too but that is another project for another day! Tomorrow’s project will be a little more tasty….

Love and Salt Dough




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