Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st December – I meet the family

It is the first day of Advent! This morning I met the family I am staying with. There is Mummy and Daddy and two little blonde girls called Faith and Ellie, they are very sweet and funny and quite loud!
They came downstairs this morning to find me asleep in my bed (it was rather early!). Faith was the first to get to me, she was very excited to see me.
Day 1 Day 1 a
Ellie really likes me, she gave me a big kiss and a cuddle. Mummy read them the letter I had written and showed them my passport. She also explained the advent calendars which they were eager to tuck into.
day 1 b day 1 cday 1 d
My family are very friendly and I think we will have lots of fun together. They are very excited about what I may bring tomorrow! Look forward to seeing you then.
Love and Baubles
Jingles Snowflake


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