Friday, 10 December 2010

December 10th – Angels

Today I brought the family something that they’d already seen before…

day 10 b

Salt dough ingredients! Today’s challenge was about making salt dough angels. Daddy helped them with this today (and he didn’t wipe their faces so excuse the chocolatey-ness of the children!).

day 10 a day 10

day 10 c day 10 d

The girls worked very hard at mixing the ingredients together to make a lovely squishy dough. Although Ellie spent more time eating the mixture…

day 10 f day 10 e

day 10 i

We moulded it all very carefully into angel shapes and then put the girls initials on the angels. They are now baking in the oven!

day 10 j

Tomorrow we will be going back to something we made earlier…

Love and Angels




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