Saturday, 18 December 2010

December 18th – Felt hearts and glitter glue

Me and Mummy worked on a project while the girls were in bed last night. We did some cutting and some sewing and we made pretty felt hearts to hang on the Christmas tree.

We used glittery and pretty printed felt to make them look extra Christmassey,

day 18The only problem was that they were missing that little extra special something. I knew we needed to get the girls to add something.

day 18 a  day 18 b

I love glitter glue. It is amazing! All sparkly and sticky and magical! I gave the girls some glitter glue so that they could decorate the hearts.

day 18 c day 18 d

day 18 f day 18 g

It was very exciting and a little 18 h 

Ellie of course was more intent on eating the glitter glue than actually drawing with it!

day 18 k 

I helped the girls write their initial on their heart. They look really really good. Much better than before. They are now drying.

day 18 lTomorrow brings a fluffy kind of craft…

Love and Glitter Glue




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