Sunday, 19 December 2010

December 19th - Cotton-wool Christmas Crafts


Today we made cotton-wool Christmas creatures, it was so much fun. Cotton wool is so lovely and fluffy and soft and warm!

day 19 day 19 aday 19 bI had gotten a toilet roll tube ready and covered it in shiny foil so that we could make an angel. Mummy helped me cut out wings then Faith helped glue them on. Faith also covered the wings in glue.

day 19 dEllie liked the feel of the cotton wool between her fingers

day 19 eWe then put cotton wool onto the angels wings to make them white and fluffy!

day 19 fWhile Faith was decorating the angel Ellie was helping me made some sheep out of cotton wool balls using them for the sheep’s fluffy coat!    

day 19 g

Faith drew eyes and a nose and a mouth for the angel and then we put it all together.

day 19 jDaddy helped Ellie draw legs for the sheep and then that was done too!

day 19 mday 19 kIt was lots of fun using the cotton wool and it makes the angel and sheep look very cuddly.

Love and Cotton-wool




P.S Me and the family aren’t going to be able to use a computer again for a few days. I will still visit the children and I will take lots of photos too. When we can use the computer again I will write and tell you what we have done over the last few days. I hope to write again on either Wednesday or Thursday, look forward to seeing you then for a big catch-up!


DA said...

how am I going to live without my daily 'fix' of Jingles? x

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