Monday, 13 December 2010

December 13th – Hand Prints

Hello everyone!
I thought it would be nice if me and the girls did some hand prints so that we can look back in a few years and see how much our hands have grown. So this morning I brought the girls some clay.
day 13
day 13a day 13 b
The clay was tough and it was hard work putting our hand prints in, Mummy had to squash us a little bit. Faith helped me with mine!
day 13 c
day 13 d
Mummy then carefully drew round the imprints and wrote the date and the year on the hand prints. They are now drying on a tray on the windowsill. It was a lot of fun squishing the squidgy clay between our fingers!
day 13 e
day 13 g
day 13 f
Remember that I said Mummy was varnishing the Santa key? Well it is finished now so here are a few pictures of it for you.
day 13 k
day 13 i
Love and Hand Prints
P.S. I thought this was quite fitting
Children have a certain way
of growing bigger every day,
But these little hands
and their special smile
will stay in our
hearts a long, long while.


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