Saturday, 11 December 2010

December 11th – Painting the key

My task for today was for the girls to paint Santa’s key with some magical paints which will help Santa get into the house to deliver the presents.

day 11

day 11 a day 11 b

The paints were special grown-up paints and so only Faith did the painting today as we didn’t want Ellie to eat all the paint! Ellie did enjoy watching Faith though. Ellie ate her breakfast while Faith painted…

day 11 c day 11 d

day 11 e day 11 f

We think it looks really really good.

day 11 gMummy is going to varnish it with some special varnish to make sure it is nice and strong. I will take some pictures and show you once it is all finished,

Love and Paint Splodges




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