Friday, 24 December 2010

December 24th – Picnic, Presents and Farewell

Well boys and girls the time has come. This is my last post and today was my last official visit to the family. I have been invited to join them for Christmas tomorrow too but that is as a friend rather than a visiting Christmas elf!

I thought it’d be lovely to finish my time with the girls with a picnic for them and their teddies, a special breakfast picnic with lots of yummy treats!

day 24 a

day 24 b

day 24 c  

day 24 e

It was very tasty and very messy!

I also had a few presents for the girls to say thank you for looking after me so well and for being so lovely to me. I brought them new pyjamas and new dressing gowns! The girls looked so beautiful in them!

day 24 f

day 24 g

day 24 i

day 24 j

day 24 k

day 24 l

day 24 m

It has been a pleasure spending time with this family and especially Faith and Ellie who are really special little girls. I will miss everyone very much when I go back to the North Pole but I shall visit again next year and we shall get up to lots of new adventures.

Take care everyone, hope you have a truly magical Christmas.

Love and Christmas Wishes




Anonymous said...

Thid blog has been so lovely and magical. You have gone to great lengths to make it fab for them. Its been lovely to read everyday. Look forward to next years one :D

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