Wednesday, 8 December 2010

December 8th – Letters to Santa

Good morning!

This morning I had a special task for the girls. They had to write a letter to Santa, letting him know what they would like for Christmas. I brought them some special paper and stickers.

day 8

The girls were eager to get started!

day 8a  day 8 b

They sat in their highchairs with some crayons and their paper…

day 8 c

It was lots of fun. Ellie ate more crayons than she drew with (sense a theme here!) but both girls drew some lovely pictures and stuck some Christmassey stickers on their letters.

day 8 d day 8 e

We wrote Santa’s address on the envelopes and stuck a stamp on. Mummy is going to post them later.

day 8 f

We are really excited about Santa’s reply!

Love and Letters




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